Field of ... yoga? Fans strike some poses after Dodgers game

After a recent Dodgers game at Dodger Stadium, hundreds of fans descended on the field for a yoga class

If there's a chance to go down to the field after a Dodgers game, you might expect it would be to shag some balls or run the bases. But in this case, hundreds of people rolled out Dodger blue yoga mats for a little warrior pose and cobra.

"It was really a beautiful thing," said Mia Togo, a master yoga teacher who led all those people in a half-hour class on Sunday, after the Rockies lost to the Dodgers, 1-0. "That's one of the reasons I teach yoga — it builds community and connection. That's the point of bringing yoga to Dodger Stadium."

Participants bought game tickets that also included the yoga mat and class after the game. Togo estimated 850 participants; the Dodgers said the total was close to 1,000.

Togo called it "surreal" to see so many people practicing yoga at once — more than 10 times the number in her most popular classes at YogaWorks, where she teaches students and teachers-in-training. She had help: Twenty assistants worked the crowd, including Chara Law, who was shown on the big screen for people to follow along.

Togo said she geared the class for all ages and abilities in hopes of getting some new practitioners. "It's not just for people who are really athletic. It's finding the right level, the right teacher. We wanted to give everyone a taste."

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