Gear: Accessories and tech devices for your workout

Skulpt Aim takes the measure of your muscles

The electronic fitness tracker Skulpt Aim keeps tabs on the tone and quality of your muscles, as well as your body fat

Smart sports devices aim to step up performance

Smart sports gear to help you stay on track: Babalot Play racket, 94Fifty basketball, Phonotonic ball and Lifebeam bike helmet.

Gear: Ways to run with the weather

Winter weather footwear can keep you jogging through to spring. Reviewed: Vibram FiveFingers Lontra, Asics Gel-Arctic 4 WR, New Balance MT110 and Adidas Clima Tempest M.

Gear: New kinds of wheels for fitness, fun

Wheeled devices can turn a workout into an exhilarating ride. Some of the latest include Sk8pole, Fliker Free Style Rider, Kimatek SkiMotion and Inventist Orbitwheel.

Gear: New ways to be old school

Power Press, Halo Balance Bell, GoFit Plyobox and Core Stix help build strength through full-body workouts: Gear.

Tricked-out trikes for older riders

Rating three-wheel upright and recumbent trikes for older riders.

No-sweat holiday gifts for serious athletes

The serious athlete is a picky fellow or gal, normally quite unwilling to delegate the critical task of shopping for high-tech training gadgets to mere holiday well-wishers. But the stuff here is disappointment-proof.

Hiking on the tech trail

Getting out in nature can offer an escape from the modern world, but that doesn't mean techie innovations should be left at home. If you want to get there or get back faster and safer, these lightweight devices can help.