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Gear: Accessories and tech devices for your workout

  • Gear: Better bike accessories
    Gear: Better bike accessories

    Always a tinkerer's delight, the bicycle offers inventors an endless challenge to improve the ride. The four new accessories below make on- and off-road touring a breeze, indoor training more realistic, fast rides more comfy and data-rich biofeedback safer and more accessible.

  • Gear: Back Bay bikes
    Gear: Back Bay bikes

    The Back Bay loop, a 10.5-mile nearly car-free bike route around Upper Newport Bay filled with birds, scenic vistas, a museum, exhibits, side paths, headwinds and a few quick, steep climbs, is a worthy notch in the belt of a beginner cyclist and a good training ride for a veteran. It's...

  • Techy tennis rackets
    Techy tennis rackets

    Tungsten. Basalt. Giant holes. "Smart" materials that morph from hard to soft. Tennis rackets, like everything in life, seem to get stranger and techier by the minute — but do they actually make you hit the ball better? We gathered four of the hottest new upper-end models from...

  • Gear: vibration platforms
    Gear: vibration platforms

    Ways to shake up your exercise routine.

  • Carbon-fiber frames
    Carbon-fiber frames

    How low can carbon go? Carbon fiber, the ultra-light, ultra-strong, ultra-shock-absorbing and ultra-expensive frame material once limited to exotic, $5,000 bikes, can now be found on dozens of road bikes retailing for around $2,000. This hot-selling category is made possible by manufacturing...

  • A vat of kettle bells
    A vat of kettle bells

    The workout can be changed with different ways to add weight.

  • Bare-bones gyms on a strap, cable or cord
    Bare-bones gyms on a strap, cable or cord

    "Come on — you can actually get a workout with that?" That was my first reaction to these four products, but I was wrong. Simple and relatively inexpensive though they might be, you can work up a sweat with these low-tech yet innovative strap- and string-based resistance...

  • Treadmills, ellipticals tap into natural power
    Treadmills, ellipticals tap into natural power

    Nothing would seem to be more "green" than exercise, which gives off sweat and smell but not pollution. But if you get your cardio on a machine, you're not completely eco-clean unless you use one that doesn't plug into a wall socket, which is at least partially powered by...

  • Machines to help you take a load off
    Machines to help you take a load off

    "Every runner over 45 that I see in here has advanced osteoarthritis in his knees," my doctor told me last year before recommending surgery for my torn meniscus. "I tell all you guys the same thing: ‘The impact is too much. Switch to the elliptical or cycling.'"...

  • Going beyond the basic bike
    Going beyond the basic bike

    Ever since two Ohio bike shop owners named Wright changed the world, tinkerers have been using the bicycle as a launching pad for new ideas. Now, in an effort to get America outdoors and exercising more, modern-day inventors are tapping the unique efficiency and comfort of the bicycle once...