Does your diet need an overhaul? Tell us why and win a nutritional makeover

Does a home-cooked meal mean putting a frozen dinner in the microwave? Are the only vegetables you eat found in carrot cake? Is "breakfast" a dirty word? Then you might be our next contender for Pantry Raid, our nutritional makeover series.

The Health section is looking for singles, couples or families who need help getting their eating habits together. You need to be in the Southern California area (roughly the San Fernando Valley to Orange County) and not be camera-shy, because we'll be coming to your home with a registered dietitian and a photographer to document what you eat. Weight loss can be a goal, but it's not a requirement.

What you get is invaluable information from a dietitian on tweaking your diet to make it more healthful, including how to make wholesome, nutritious meals at home; tips on reading nutritional labels and navigating grocery store aisles; and advice on eating out.

Please send a brief description of you, your specific nutritional issues, and where you live to health writer Jeannine Stein at

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