Two Guys Lose Weight: The Cookie Diet begins (right after these cookies)

NOTE: This is a blog about two guys attempting to lose weight over a six-week period.  They kicked off their weight loss "strategies" on Jan. 10.

I stopped eating food from windows.


I stopped drinking sugary sodas right from the bottle.

M&M's were off the menu. Midnight tacos were a distant memory.

And still I was only a few pounds lighter than I was when I started this madness over three weeks ago


Could it be that all the fat I was losing was being replaced with much-heavier muscle due to my few visits to the gym?

Whatever the problem, when a colleague walked over to my desk to let me know that he had tried The Cookie Diet and recommended it, I made my consultation appointment the very next day. And Wednesday I signed up.

Basically, the Cookie Diet means you go to the storefront, buy a case of decently flavored cookies and eat six of them a day throughout the day. At dinner, you are allowed vegetables and about 8 ounces of protein. They recommend the protein to be chicken, turkey, tuna or other fish.

The woman I met at the door was very pleasant and quite knowledgeable. She sat me down to watch a short overview on a DVD player. Then she had me taste some cookies, a no-calorie salsa, a no-calorie mayonnaise and some very-low-calorie fruit-flavored beverages.

She also weighed me on a freaky scale that could also measure the amount of water I retain (99 pounds' worth, somehow), among other things.

I explained my mission, this blog and my goals. I bought about $100 worth of food and drink, which should last about a week, she said.

I was told that this diet had several stages and the six-cookie, one-dinner routine would be temporary but effective. You will lose weight, both the woman and the gentlemen in the DVD promised.

To celebrate, I had a couple of light beers at the Clippers game with a good friend, as well as a Goose Island pre-game beer. I ate some breaded fish for dinner with shrimp, green beans and a small portion of rice. For lunch, I had a salad.



What to eat at the Laker game? Sushi, of course.

After the game, I got a ride home from my buddy, and I noticed I was pretty buzzed. I also noticed some cookies. Not the miracle wonderful diet cookies; these were the 14 cookies = 140 calories variety. And I was quickly approaching the 14-cookie limit at a breakneck speed.

So I ate a sweet potato.

I need to stop having so much fun. Something tells me the Cookie Diet will help me out on that since they don't recommend any booze for that first week.

No problem.

Thursday, as soon as I wake up, I will brush my teeth and down my first of six cookies for the day. Stay tuned, this should be fun.