Telemundo answers homeowners call for help with 'SOS: Salva Mi Casa'

Telemundo builds a home renovation show with heart with 'SOS: Salva Mi Casa'

Necesita su casa un cambio URGENTE?” Does your home need an urgent change? If you’re a Latino family with a heartwarming story, then Telemundo’s “SOS: Salva Mi Casa” (“SOS: Save My Home”) will gladly come to your rescate.

Part home improvement show, part feel-good saga, “SOS: Salva Mi Casa” (3 p.m. Saturdays on KVEA, channel 52 in Los Angeles) focuses on Latino homeowners in need of a modest adjustment that will make a big difference.

An Iraq war veteran’s backyard is turned into an adorable park for his little girls, a project he couldn’t complete before leaving for his next tour of duty. A handicapped child’s space got a makeover that allowed him to have physical therapy at home. A rescued Great Dane named Scooby got a mini home of his own (pictured above) that also cleverly doubled as a play fort for the family’s four children.

“Let’s be honest, most of us can’t afford large-scale remodels,” says “SOS” executive producer Scott Omelianuk, who knows from high-end renovations; he’s an editor on “This Old House.” “We wanted to offer the kind of projects anyone with moderate skills could do in a weekend with the family pitching in.”

The emotional element, says executive producer Ed O’Donnell, is key for Telemundo’s audience. “Hispanics in the United States have a strong sense of family. This show, unlike most home improvement series, is framed around the family, rather than the project itself.”

The show is hosted by the vivacious Andrea Minski, a journalist and fitness expert. The latter background comes in handy as Minski lugs her fair share of building materials with co-host Jose Perez, a general contractor.

To Omelianuk, a show that focuses on the heart as well as the home was an idea that made perfect sense. “The emotional element isn’t contrived. After all, why does anyone make a home improvement?” he asks. “To make a better life for our families.” Casting for the series is open to the public; email to apply.

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