August Brown

August Brown has covered pop music and nightlife at the Los Angeles Times since 2005. He has written extensively on electronic dance music, hip-hop, K-Pop, noise music and many other genres, and can reliably locate the best dive bar within a one-mile radius of any point in L.A. County. Once, as a wiseacre adolescent, he was almost cast opposite Burt Reynolds in an early '90s buddy-cop comedy, and really wishes that had panned out.
With Wajatta, Reggie Watts and John Tejada put a fresh spin on L.A. techno

Reggie Watts, the unclassifiable comedian, vocal improviser, late-night band leader and television game-show host, can now add “rising progressive techno star” to his ledger with the release of “Casual High Technology,” the debut from Wajatta.

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EDC Las Vegas and the increasing impossibility of escapism

Music festivals, especially EDC, are about dancing, celebration and escapism. But is such a thing possible when so many attendees agree that the world today is falling apart?