Hit: David Yates tapped to direct 'Doctor Who' film

When Whovians got wind of a possible remake of "Doctor Who," they were up in arms (or should we say screwdrivers) that Hollywood would mess up their beloved 48-year-old franchise. But fans of the time-traveling Doctor can take solace and perhaps find hope in two facts: "Doctor Who" writer Steven Moffat has denied rumors that the movie will be a reboot of the long-running series, and David Yates, top photo, has been tapped to direct the film. If anyone can help bring beloved characters to the big screen while staying true to story, it's Yates, the English filmmaker who has spent the past five years or so directing the last four "Harry Potter" films. Plus, Yates is already a fan of the show. "Steven Moffat has done a wonderful job and Russell T Davies who kind of reinvented it the first time around," Yates said. "They’re great. David Tennant was great. Matt Smith [bottom photo] is brilliant, he's marvelous, and very, very clever."
Jaap Buitendijk / Warner Bros.; BBC
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