Fire politics

All this week, UC San Diego's Richard Carson and San Diego tax fighter Richard Rider debate the policy of fire.

  • Building on the edge of flames

    Should Southern Californians be allowed to develop any further in fire-prone areas?

  • Feds and fire

    What should be the trigger for federal assistance in a wildfire? How about for use of military aircraft? Should the federal government be taking any role in disaster relief, or is that just encouraging reckless behavior?

  • Should the government sell fire insurance?

    California Fair Access to Insurance requirements already allow plutocrats in fire-prone areas to get subsidized insurance. Now Sen. Dianne Feinstein wants to bring in federal subsidies as well. Is this three shades of crazy or an important step toward rationalizing fire risk in Southern California?

  • Second-guessing first responses

    What accounted for the apparently good coordination between city and state services during the Witch fire? For the slow federal response?

  • Was San Diego ready?

    Is San Diego a public-sector skinflint that skimps on fire preparedness and should have been ready for last week’s fires? Or is it a can-do government that managed to evacuate about half a million people and get the fires under control in a matter of days? All this week, UC San Diego’s Richard...

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