Organized labor and immigration groups are staging dozens of May Day demonstrations in cities throughout the nation Monday, with many groups planning to voice criticism of President Donald J. Trump and his administration.

In Los Angeles, more than 100 groups, representing a wide range of issues, will march from MacArthur Park to Los Angeles City Hall. Organizers expect about 100,000 marchers and have been coordinating for months with police to ensure that the event is peaceful, according to organizers.


'We expect trouble today,' says helmet-wearing pro-Trump demonstrator

Outside the federal building in downtown Los Angeles, about 150 Trump supporters and anti-communists gathered to march to police headquarters to face off with the leftist group, Anti-Fascist Action.

Los Angeles Police Department officers are waiting to keep the two sides separated.

As the Trump supporters gathered, they blasted the Vanilla Ice song “Ice Ice Baby” — a reference to federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement — to rile their opponents.

The group said Trump is trying to clean up America by getting rid of the "criminal illegals.”

“I am here to stand up for America," said a man who identified himself as Johnny Cadillac, a U.S. army veteran. "I believe the Constitution and free speech and we are exercising our rights."

 "I am here to support President Trump as he is the leader of our great country,” said Cadillac, 61, who with his friends attended the rally wearing riot helmets. He added that he was involved in the recent UC Berkeley protest clashes.

"America is great," said Joseph Turner, an activist wearing a baseball helmet. "I am here to show the commies they won't walk unopposed. I don't like the commies,” he said.

Turner is a part the activist group American Children First and said his son is a Marine.

"We expect trouble today," he said.

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