May Day | New York
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May Day rallies from across the United States and around the world

May Day | New York

May Day protests brought people of all types to Union Square in New York.

 (Carolyn Cole / Los Angeles Times)
May Day | New York

New York police stand in a line to prevent the pro-Trump supporters from leaving their designated area at Union Square during a May Day demonstration.

 (Carolyn Cole / Los Angeles Times)
May Day | Portland

Police try to disperse people participating in a May Day rally in downtown Portland. Police said the permit obtained for the rally and march was canceled as some marchers began throwing projectiles at officers.

 (Dave Killen / The Oregonian)
May Day | Chicago

May Day marchers take to the streets in Chicago.

 (Tannen Maury / European PressPhoto Agency)
May Day | Washington, D.C.

Demonstrators march during a May Day rally in Washington, D.C.

 (Jim Watson / AFP / Getty Images)
May Day | North Carolina

May Day demonstrators march in Charlotte, N.C.

 (Chuck Burton / Associated PRess)
May Day | France

French anti-riot police are engulfed in flames as they face protesters during a march for the annual May Day workers’ rally in Paris.

 (Zakaria Abdelkafi / AFP/Getty Images)
May Day | Spain

Trade union demonstrators carry flags during a May Day march in Pamplona, in northern Spain. The country’s two major unions called for marches in more than 70 cities.

 (Alvaro Barrientos / Associated Press)
May Day | Indonesia

Indonesian demonstrators participate in a May Day protest in Surabaya, the country’s second-largest city. Millions took to the streets across the nation to demand better social security while rejecting outsourcing policies and low wages.

 (Juni Kriswanto / AFP/Getty Images)
May Day | Russia

Shadows are reflected on a Russian flag as members of Russian trade unions march during a May Day rally in St. Petersburg.

 (Olga Maltseva / AFP/Getty Images)
May Day | Russia

A protester wearing the image of Russian President Vladimir Putin and the slogan “We are tired of you” marches in downtown St. Petersburg.

 (Dmitri Lovetsky / Associated Press)
May Day | Belarus

Belarussian opposition supporters shout slogans during a May Day rally in Minsk.

 (Sergei Gapon / AFP/Getty Images)
May Day | Italy

Protesters clash with police during a May Day march in Turin, Italy.

 (Alessandro di Marco / European Pressphoto Agency )
May Day | Cuba

A man who burst into a Cuban May Day march is carried away at Revolution Square in Havana.

 (Adalberto Roque / AFP/Getty Images)
May Day | Sri Lanka

Sri Lankans gather for former President Mahinda Rajapakses’ May Day rally in Colombo.

 (Ishara S. Kodikara / AFP/Getty Images)
May Day | Bangladesh

A Bangladeshi worker looks on during a procession to mark May Day in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

 (AFP/Getty Images)
May Day | South Korea

Members of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions hold umbrellas during a May Day march in Seoul.

 (Lee Jin-man / Associated Press)