Controversial initiatives

Some of the more controversial initiatives over the years:

1978: An initiative that would have banned gays and lesbians — and their supporters — from holding jobs at public schools is defeated at the polls.

1978: The landmark Proposition 13 is approved, recalculating property taxes for millions.

1994: The so-called Save Our State initiative, which would have denied public benefits to those in the country illegally, is approved — then immediately overturned by the courts.

1996: The use of marijuana for medicinal purposes is approved.

2010: The so-called Christmas carol initiative, which called for schools to provide students the right and opportunity to sing Christmas carols, fails to qualify for the ballot.

2010: A proposed initiative to ban divorce in California fails to garner enough signatures to qualify for the ballot, but supporters vow to try again.

Source: California Secretary of State

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