For the record

Corinthian Colleges: An article in the July 16 Section A about the recruitment practices of Corinthian Colleges reported that Heidi Vella, who graduated from Corinthian's Everest College in 2010, said she had searched for nearly two years before finding a temporary job in her field. The time period was about one year. The article also said that Eva Garcia had attended Everest College in 2008 and 2009, but school records indicate she enrolled in 2010 and graduated in 2011. In addition, the article said that according to Garcia, the only job Everest helped her get was a temporary placement as a hospital receptionist. Garcia obtained a job in the medical field shortly after graduating, but she says she found the job on her own and was laid off six months later because of transportation issues.

James Marcus Haney: An article in the Aug. 5 Calendar section about photographer and filmmaker James Marcus Haney indicated that his documentary "Connaroo" was about other festivalgoers sneaking into the music festival Bonnaroo. The film was about his own efforts.

Chef's name: An Aug. 6 Calendar article on the behind-the-scenes culinary work for the film "The Hundred-Foot Journey" misstated chef Gray Kunz's first name as Greg.

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