Your Thanksgiving dinner is cheaper this year. Here's why


(Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times) Neighborhood residents view and photograph some of at least 2,000 marijuana plants seized by the Orange County Sheriff's Department after they were found growing in Aliso & Wood Canyons Wilderness Park

  • Gov. says pot is not a drug, 'it's a leaf'

    Gov. says pot is not a drug, 'it's a leaf'

    LONDON -- Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger says marijuana is not a drug, a British magazine reported Monday. But his spokesman said the governor was joking. Schwarzenegger told the British edition of GQ magazine that he had not taken drugs, even though the former bodybuilder and Hollywood star has acknowledged...

  • The DEA's rent control

    The DEA's rent control

    It is attempting to shut down medical marijuana dispensaries by bullying their landlords.

  • O.C. to license medical marijuana

    O.C. to license medical marijuana

    In a switch from an earlier stand, the county will issue ID cards and validate prescriptions.

  • A License to Chill

    A License to Chill

    Surgeon General's Warning: smoking marijuana can be hazardous to your health, unless you live in California and suffer from anorexia, arthritis, cancer, chronic pain or any other illnesses for which pot provides relief.

  • Put to the test

    Put to the test

    More schools are giving drug tests, saying it gives students a reason to 'say no.' Some experts are troubled by the methods and the message.

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