Plan to break California into six states has its skeptics

Breaking up California into six different states? That's the long-shot idea of a Silicon Valley executive, who on Tuesday announced plans to submit signatures to qualify an initiative for the 2016 ballot.

Who is pushing this idea?


The idea is the brainchild of Timothy Draper, a venture capitalist from Menlo Park -- or as he hopes to someday call it, the state of Silicon Valley.

Draper said he would file the signatures in Sacramento on Tuesday, although state officials still need to review the petitions to ensure the initiative can qualify. Even if it does, and voters approve the initiative, it would need congressional approval to take effect -- a long-shot scenario that has prompted plenty of eye-rolling.

How would the state be split?

Here's one summary:

San Diego + Orange County = South California

Los Angeles +  Santa Barbara = West California

Bakersfield + Fresno + Stockton = Central California

San Francisco + San Jose = Silicon Valley

Sacramento = North California

Eureka + Redding = Jefferson

Why do backers want this?

"California needs a reboot," Draper's campaign said in a statement Monday. "With six Californias, we can refresh our government."

What are opponents saying?

"This is a colossal and divisive waste of time, energy and money," said Steve Maviglio, a spokesman for a campaign group opposing the initiative.


How can this get on the ballot?

The Six Californias idea needs 808,000 signatures by Friday to qualify for the ballot in two years.