Gunfire from fleeing truck disables Carlsbad police car, officials say

Gunfire from fleeing pickup truck disables Carlsbad police officer's car, officials say

Carlsbad police are searching for a gunman who allegedly fired multiple shots from a pickup truck at a police car to avoid a traffic stop and possible questioning about a burglary.

The officer in the car was not struck, but the car was hit and disabled in the incident that occured about 3:45 a.m. Wednesday.

The gunman was in a Ford Ranger. The officer was trying to pull it over to question the occupants about a burglary call, authorities said.

Someone in the truck fired seven to eight shots at the police car, hitting it at least three times and causing an engine fire, officials said.

The Ranger sped off "at a high-rate of speed" eastward toward San Marcos, authorities said.

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