Singer Chris Brown ordered to stay in jail until April 23 hearing

A Los Angeles County judge ordered singer Chris Brown to stay in jail without bail until April 23, pending a hearing to determine whether he violated terms of his probation.

Judge James Brandlin said Brown, who was arrested on Friday, was kicked out of his rehab program in Malibu after touching a female and failing to take a drug test.


Brown also made a threat during a morning reflection session, allegedly telling the group, "I am good at using guns and knives," Brandlin said.

Mark Geragos, Brown's attorney, had asked that Brown be released because of his pending trial on April 17 in Washington, D.C., where he faces a misdemeanor assault charge. He was accused of hitting a man trying to take a picture of him outside the W Hotel.

In court, Geragos also denied that Brown had refused to take a drug test and said he had passed two screenings.

He defended Brown's statement, saying that he said it during a session where he should be allowed to express his feelings. The only touching that occurred involved the elbows of a female at the facility, Geragos said.

None of those allegations warrant jail without bail, he said.

"He has the prospect of sitting on ice for five weeks," Geragos said, adding that he could be admitted immediately to another program.

Prosecutor Mary Murray said Brown put himself in that position after being given "repeated opportunities by this court."

Brandlin, however, said Brown was out of compliance with the program by failing to follow rules and his statement about guns and knives.

The singer has been in jail since Friday, when he was arrested after arriving at the rehab center in Malibu.

Two sheriff's officials who had been briefed on the arrest told The Times that Brown was arrested because the judge asked the rehab facility to notify authorities when the singer showed up.

The facility called authorities Friday when Brown arrived. After confirming the warrant with the state Probation Department, deputies arrested the singer.

In November the singer was ordered to submit to a 90-day live-in anger-management treatment program, in which he would have to complete three eight-hour days of community service each week and undergo periodic drug tests.

Prosecutors in February asked a judge to take Brown into custody for failing to live up to a probation requirement that he "obey all laws."


At the time, Brandlin said he would not jail the singer after that incident because he had showed progress in rehab.

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