Owners of cabin where Christopher Dorner died to get $200,000

Family that owned cabin where ex-LAPD Officer Christopher #Dorner died gets $200K

The owners of the cabin that burned down during the final showdown between ex-LAPD Officer Christopher Dorner and law enforcement in 2013 will be paid $200,000 for their loss. 

The cabin in the Angelus Oaks neighborhood of Big Bear burned down Feb. 12, 2013, after the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s SWAT team fired in gas that ignited and consumed the building in fire.

At the time, Dorner was wanted for killing two law enforcement officers and an LAPD commander’s daughter and her fiance in a plot to seek revenge on the department that fired him.

Authorities tracked him to Big Bear, where he remained hidden for nearly a week.

Dorner was spotted trying to make his escape from the mountain and was chased into a cabin belonging to Candace Martin and Eric Funnell – where authorities surrounded him and engaged in a dramatic gun battle that left a San Bernardino County sheriff’s deputy dead.

Dorner shot himself in the cabin’s basement as the building went up in flames.

In a claim against San Bernardino County, Martin and Funnell sought compensation for their cabin, attorneys fees and emotional distress. The $200,000 will be paid out by March 5, according to a copy of the agreement.

The settlement is one of several that public agencies have made in connection with the Dorner manhunt. Two women who were shot by police as they delivered the Los Angeles Times to homes have been compensated along with a man who was shot at by police in Torrance.

Nearly $900,000 in reward money was also paid to people who gave tips that led to finding Dorner.

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