Alleged drunk driver speeds down Huntington Beach Pier and back

Suspected drunk driver speeds down Huntington Beach Pier, circles Ruby's Diner and heads back to pier entrance

An alleged drunk driver sped the length of the Huntington Beach Pier, circled the Ruby’s Diner at the end of the structure and then drove back to the pier’s entrance before being arrested, Huntington Beach police said.

Hojin Jang, a 27-year-old Anaheim resident, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. Police said he was cited and released because it was his first suspected DUI offense.

The Jan. 27 incident was captured on video, which police later posted on their Facebook page under the headline “Don’t Drink and Drive.”

“Just a visual reminder as we head into the weekend, drinking and driving is a bad decision,” the Facebook post read.

The video shows what police say is Jang’s car racing south on Main Street, bouncing across a pedestrian plaza at the entrance to the pier and then speeding onto the 1,850-foot-long pier.

Pedestrians can be seen milling in the area as three police cars arrive.

Police said officers were waiting for the driver when he pulled back out to the pier’s entrance.

Nobody was injured in the incident and police said there were no pedestrians on the pier itself at the time.

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