Lindsay Lohan's rehab at Betty Ford Center approved by judge

An L.A. County Superior Court judge approved Lindsay Lohan's request Monday to serve 90 days of rehab at the Betty Ford Center but said she must remain in the hospital wing of the famed facility.

The judge also allowed Los Angeles attorney Shawn Holley to replace New York lawyer Mark Heller as the actress' legal counsel.


Judge James Dabney signed off on Lohan's stay at Betty Ford for her 90 days of treatment ordered in a plea bargain regarding reckless driving and lying to police about a car crash. He said she must stay in the hospital wing because she will not be allowed to walk out or leave on a pass.

Holley made a brief appearance Monday in court for a procedure allowing her to formally assume the case from Heller, an attorney Lohan had hired a few months ago to replace Holley.

After skipping out on entering a Newport Beach rehab facility and facing the prospect of arrest for violating her probation last Thursday, Lohan rehired Holley.

Lohan checked in Thursday to the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage. Lohan was on the verge of another arrest -- and jail -- if she did not go to rehab.

Holley, who represented Lohan for several years and managed to keep her out of jail in a jewelry theft case, was part of the O.J. Simpson defense team and is among Southern California's top criminal defense attorneys.

Santa Monica Deputy City Atty. Terry White, who prosecuted Lohan, said he learned that the actress spent just a few minutes at the Newport Beach Morningside Recovery center before leaving.

In court last week, Heller told Dabney that Lohan had started treatment at Morningside after opting not to go to a Long Island, N.Y., recovery center.

Lohan arrived at the Newport Beach facility after 11 a.m. and then left.

On Thursday, state officials said the Newport Beach facility was not licensed to provide residential drug or alcohol treatment; it is certified to operate as an outpatient clinic with sober living homes.

Heller told the judge the facility met all the conditions of Lohan's plea agreement.

Lohan's Porsche rear-ended a truck on Pacific Coast Highway on June 8, but she denied she was driving. She entered a no-contest plea in March and agreed to enter rehab, spend 18 months in psychotherapy and serve 30 days of community service.

Lohan spent several months in 2010 at Betty Ford, where an employee accused her of assault. Prosecutors declined to charge Lohan.