Man gets $21,000 settlement in buckets of coins, feels 'disrespected'

Man gets $21,000 insurance settlement in ... coins

A Los Angeles man who got a $21,000 settlement from an insurance company delivered in paint buckets filled with quarters, nickels, dimes and pennies feels "disrespected," his attorney said.

The coins, dropped off in more than a dozen buckets, are being counted at a bank after his attorney, Antonio Gallo, said he called Adriana's Insurance thinking it was a joke. But he said the Rancho Cucamonga company told him they were not issuing a check.

The settlement was the result of a 2012 lawsuit in which Andres Carrasco alleged that an employee at the company assaulted him when he tried to purchase insurance.

Gallo said his client, a retired 76-year-old bus driver, "feels like he is disrespected."

"It's unfortunate that a business like that would use some of these tactics," Gallo said.

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