Mapping out California's cheap tacos and Republicans

How do San Diegans view the rest of California? This map shows all

Thrillist has a new map of the way San Diegans see the rest of California, from “very rich Republicans” to “red wine headache.” The cartoon map even notes where your grandma probably has her condo and what smells you’re likely to encounter driving the 5 Freeway between L.A. and San Francisco.

Here are other California headlines from around the Web:

-- LAPD will be posting parking restrictions throughout Elysian Park next Monday to prevent Dodger fans from tailgating on opening day. Last year, neighbors complained that overly enthusiastic fans partied in the street, urinated by people’s homes and generally created disturbances. Eastsider LA

-- Some of California’s elected leaders are rather lax when it comes to using government email accounts for government business. And it’s unclear whether emails sent by politicians on their private accounts are kept as public records. Associated Press

-- Hawthorne Mayor Chris Brown appears to be skipping out on his rent. That’s according to his landlord. If it’s true, it wouldn’t be the first time. The mayor was evicted last year from a different apartment. Daily Breeze

-- One San Francisco politician could be headed back to his old seat. Aaron Peskin is again running for the Board of Supervisors, this time against incumbent Julie Christensen. The two were once political allies. SF Gate

-- The cost of housing in San Francisco has skyrocketed. One writer argues that by preserving rent-controlled apartments and pouring more money into subsidized housing, the city can once again become affordable for the average tenant. City Lab

-- As the weather warms, check out these five picnic spots in Southern California. KCET

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