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Measles continues to spread in Orange County

Measles continues to spread in Orange County, rising to 16 confirmed cases

The number of confirmed cases of measles in Orange County has risen to 16, prompting health officials to predict Friday that the outbreak will continue to spread.

Ten of the cases are connected to visits in December to Disneyland or the Disneyland California Adventure Park, according to the Orange County Health Care Agency.

Officials said the source of infection for the six new cases has not been determined, but the exposures did not occur at Disney theme parks or through contact with visitors to the attractions.

The healthcare agency is reminding the public that vaccinations are the best way to prevent measles, which is a highly contagious and potentially severe disease that can cause fever, rash, coughing and red, watery eyes.

Children too young to be immunized, pregnant women and people with compromised immune systems have the greatest risk for severe illness.

Anyone who thinks they have measles is advised to call their doctors before arriving at the medical office to avoid exposing others to the measles virus.

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