Sickout by S.F. transit workers causes 'major' headaches for commuters

Trolley worker sickout in San Francisco creates major delays for commuters

A sickout by some San Francisco municipal rail workers Monday kept about two-thirds of the city's transit vehicles off the streets, causing significant delays for commuters.

In a message posted to its Twitter account at 4:42 a.m., the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, or Muni, warned commuters to expect “major” delays across the city’s rail, cable car and bus systems. The cable cars were completely closed Monday, and express commuter buses were converted to local service to help pick up the slack.

About 400 of the Muni's 600 vehicles -- including buses, trolleys and light-rail trains -- were not in service Monday, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

The sickout comes after a vote Friday by Muni operators on a proposed contract calling for them to contribute 7.5% of their pay toward their pensions, instead of having those contributions paid by their employer, the Chronicle reported. The result of Friday’s vote was not immediately known.

The region’s other transportation alternative, Bay Area Rapid Transit, is honoring Muni passes, according to the S.F. Muni's Twitter account.

Twice last year, BART workers initiated their own strikes, temporarily paralyzing the region.

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