'Historic' blizzard in Northeast wreaks havoc with California flights

As #blizzardof2015 heads to Northeast, many flights canceled on West Coast

At least 175 West Coast flights have been canceled ahead of a monster winter storm headed for the East Coast, airport officials from Los Angeles to San Francisco said Monday morning.

At Los Angeles International Airport alone, 27 arriving flights and 46 outbound flights to some of New England’s busiest airports including JFK and La Guardia were canceled as of Monday morning, airport officials said.

At San Francisco International Airport, 39 departures and 22 arrivals were canceled. JetBlue flights to and from Mineta San Jose International Airport and New York were canceled, an airport spokeswoman said. Passengers were shown on social media sprawled out on the LAX tile in sleeping bags. Nationally, JetBlue has canceled almost 1,000 flights over the next three days.

San Diego International Airport has seen the cancellation of nearly 40 flights.

Similar cancellations were happening across the country as a storm the National Weather Service said could be of “historic” proportions blew toward the Northeast. The National Weather Service has issued a blizzard warning from New Jersey to Maine and said wind gusts could top 70 mph.

Governors from Connecticut to New York have warned residents to prepare to stock up on supplies while classes in Washington, D.C., and other areas were canceled. The storm is expected to last through Tuesday and could pile up to 2 feet of snow by the end of Monday in some states.

Up to 4,000 flights have been canceled or delayed nationwide. Boston’s Logan International Airport said there would be no flights after 7 p.m. Monday and that it would likely not resume flights again until Wednesday.

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