Octopus catching in Malibu

Ever elusive, an octopus can make for a tricky photo subject.

At Little Dume beach in Malibu, Arik "Moose" Pulsifer caught a California two-spot octopus lurking in a very low tide.

"I had to sit there and steady the shot until I could see the octopus with the scenery above the water," Pulsifer said. "It took quite a few tries to get it just right."

A marine life enthusiast, Pulsifer, 21, went to the University of Hawaii at Manoa to study marine biology before ultimately joining the Coast Guard. He's visited the area looking for octopuses since elementary school. Pulsifer said the animals are usually hiding under rocks, but this one had already emerged and had grabbed his friend's foot.

Pulsifer used a Sony SLT-A65V inside a waterproof housing bag.

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