Wise words

Nima Razfar was photographing a subject at the Spring Arcade Building in downtown Los Angeles when he noticed the man who was working security, was watching their shoot with curiosity.

After the shoot wrapped, the man introduced himself as Many Feathers.

"The name was given to him by his Indian chief because he collected feathers that he stumbled upon while going to the mountains to reflect and meditate," Razfar said. The feather attached to his earring is one that he found during one of those trips.

Razfar said the feathers were also "symbolic of his Aztec roots and a daily reminder for the freedom of his soul." Many Feathers described himself as former junkie, addicted to hardcore drugs for nearly four decades but finally quit because of his seven grandchildren.

Before they parted ways, Many Feathers left Razfar with some words of wisdom. "If you don't love yourself, you cannot love others."

The image was taken with NikonD200.

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