Pro-Kashkari robocall by Romney hits GOP households on eve of election

Romney records pro-Kashkari robocall aimed at hundreds of thousands of GOP households that have not yet voted

Mitt Romney, the 2012 GOP presidential nominee, recorded a message supporting Republican gubernatorial candidate Neel Kashkari that was “robo”-dialed Monday to hundreds of thousands of Republicans who had not yet voted on the eve of the primary election.

“Hello, this is Governor Mitt Romney, and I'm calling to encourage you to vote for conservative businessman Neel Kashkari for Governor,” Romney says in the 30-second message. “Neel Kashkari knows how to create jobs and cut bureaucracy. So please join Condoleezza Rice, Governor Pete Wilson and me in supporting Neel Kashkari for Governor. Thank you.”

The effort was funded by Californians for Kashkari for Governor 2014, an independent effort aimed at boosting his bid. The group was created by billionaire Charles Munger and has raised $445,000. Previously, it sent Republican households mailers touting Kashkari’s bid and slashing at his GOP rival, Assemblyman Tim Donnelly (R-Twin Peaks).

Kashkari, a former U.S. Treasury official, is locked in a tight battle with Donnelly for the right to take on incumbent Gov. Jerry Brown in the fall. A new poll by USC and the Los Angeles Times found the candidates running neck and neck, with Kashkari showing momentum going into Tuesday’s election.

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