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If those 47 Republicans want war with Iran, they should join the military

To the editor: By sending an arrogant letter to Iran's Islamic leaders, the 47 Senate Republicans led by Tom Cotton from Arkansas are doing their best to try to scuttle the president's nuclear negotiations with that country. ("GOP senators remind Iran in letter that any deal requires Congress' OK," March 9)

Clearly, the freshman senator has not considered the consequences of these actions. If a deal is not reached, based on past behavior, we can assume that Iran will begin to increase its nuclear capabilities, thereby provoking the U.S. onto a possible war footing.

I suggest that the Republican senators who signed this letter also start thinking about signing up for military service, since they feel so strongly about destroying this opportunity for a peaceful solution to a very complex issue.

Ina Mozer, La Mesa


To the editor: The Republican senators' seditious open letter to Iranian leaders during the P5+1 negotiations seeks to globally undermine President Obama and empower Iran's hardline mullahs.

In response, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif deftly schooled the senators on very basic principles of constitutional and international law. How embarrassing for our nation to have these 47 spiteful senators publicly attempt to delegitimize our president, sabotage peaceful negotiations and drag us into another unnecessary war.

Finally, we have something legitimate for the House Un-American Activities Committee to investigate: Senate Republicans.

Lisa LaFlame, Corona


To the editor: Cotton and the other Republicans who signed his letter have displayed their ignorance of the U.S. Constitution.

They do not know that the negotiations with Iran involve several countries. These are only negotiations and do not require Congress' approval. It is not a treaty.

Further, the senators do not know what is the role of the President of the United States.

Once again, Republicans are showing their disdain for Obama. To repeat a recent statement from a troglodyte former mayor of New York, they do not love America.

If they did, they would get back to legislating and let the president do his job of conducting our foreign policy. That the Republicans would display their ignorance for all the world to see is horrifying.

Sherri Lipman, Fullerton

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