Large hail, flooding hits Midwest

The thunderstorms, heavy rain and hail slamming parts of the Midwest could last through the week, according to the National Weather Service.

Thunderstorms, including damaging winds, are expected across a wide swath of southern Illinois as well. Central Missouri and the St. Louis metro area were hit by large hail Tuesday morning, some the size of golf balls.

Photos and video on social media show hail piled on the ground and slamming into cars in Missouri, as well as high waters and flooding in Kentucky.

“We get this weather during this period of the season,” said Butch Dye, a specialist with the National Weather Service. “This is springtime weather for our area.”

Heavy rain triggered some flash flooding Tuesday morning in southern Indiana and  southeast Kentucky.

Storms are expected through the end of the week, Dye said, in Illinois and Kentucky as well.

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