Birth was a doozy, now polar bear twins relax at Munich zoo [Video]

Brand-new polar bear twins have cranked up the cute factor at Hellabrunn Zoo. The pair were born Dec. 9. Soon after, the Munich zoo made a social media splash with video of the birth of the cubs. 

The birth of the first cub features a short freefall from Mom to a hard floor -- startling for viewers and, no doubt, the cub.

ZooBorns says it was the first time a polar bear birth had been "filmed in color worldwide." Parents are Giovanna, 7, a first-time mom and "distinct polar bear beauty," according to the zoo, and Yoghi, 14.

In the latest video, released this week, neither mom nor cubs make any surprising moves. Watch it above.

It's a little more than two minutes of baby polar bear bliss. As the YouTube posting says: "Healthy and happy -- everything is perfect for the little polar bear babies in Hellabrunn."

And the cubs are easier on the eyes than they were at birth. Polar bears are born with hair so fine they look bald, their eyes are closed, and they weigh 1 to 2 pounds.

Notably, although the babies are tiny, the polar bear mom needs to gain at least 440 pounds for a successful pregnancy, according to Sea World.  Polar bear twins are common. The cubs usually come in twos, followed by single births. Triplets are less common than those two-litter sizes, and four is a real rarity.

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