'Homeland' spoof 'Boneland' re-creates Showtime's drama with dogs

"Homeland," which wrapped its third season Sunday, has had its share of parodies.

"Saturday Night Live" did a bit with Anne Hathway as a frantic Carrie Mathison. And then the Web series "Above Average" debuted a musical spoof with frothy, Broadway-style numbers like "Smile for me, Dana."

But the cutest parody of Showtime's award-winning drama might be from pet product retailer Barkbox, which cast canine equivalents as Carrie and crew.

'Homeland' recap: Season 3 ends in tragedy, redemption

"Boneland" starts with a Scottie dog Saul Berenson making sure Carrie Mathison (a yellow Labrador) is on her meds, followed by a scene where Carrie and Brody (a chocolate Lab) get muzzle-to-muzzle.

Canine look-alikes are swapped for Dana, Jessica, Chris (remember Chris?), as well as a Pomeranian in goggles that's somehow a dead ringer for spy Quinn.

"Boneland" ends with Carrie single-handedly nabbing a terriorist cell — a playpen full of puppies — marking another win in the war on ... terrier-ism.


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