Jim Lange dies: Watch 'Dating Game' host with pre-fame Farrah Fawcett

Jim Lange has died, and for some of us that conjures the image of a man with sideburns, a big, easy smile and a TV set dotted with a far-out floral design.

Lange, original host of "The Dating Game," appeared in living rooms in the '60s with turtleneck, loud ties and that trademark line "And heeeeere they are!"

Later, Lange hosted game shows including "$100,000 Name That Tune," "The New Newlywed Game," but it was "The Dating Game" that brought him fame.

The show -- with its question-and-answer format -- was intended to titillate, but now it seems just endearingly goofy. Here's a classic clip with a not-yet-famous Farrah Fawcett.  One of the contestants "enjoys the discotheque scene," and Fawcett is a "sculptress" who "hopes to open her own gallery."

"What's your favorite smell morning, noon or night?" she asks.


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