Thanksgiving turkey pardon: #TeamPopcorn or #TeamCaramel?

This Thanksgiving, the White House wants to know: Do you like Popcorn or Caramel? But don’t expect either on your dinner plate.

As part of the annual Thanksgiving turkey pardon, the White House is once again asking people to vote on which of the two pardoned turkeys gets the title of National Thanksgiving Turkey. It’s the second year the White House has asked the public to decide on the chosen bird. Last year, voters were asked to choose between Cobbler and Gobbler; Cobbler ultimately won the title.

Each turkey has a profile on the White House website. Both are male and were born on July 8, 2013, so you’ll have to base your decision on other characteristics, such as:

Walk (Caramel is “steady and deliberate” while Popcorn has a “proud strut”)
Gobble (Caramel’s is “quick, clear and frequent”; Popcorn’s is “more garbled” with “longer notes”)
Favorite food (Caramel is partial to soybean meal, while, appropriately enough, Popcorn likes corn)
Favorite song (Caramel rocks out to “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga; Popcorn likes “Halo” by Beyonce)

The public can vote by using #TeamCaramel or #TeamPopcorn on Twitter and Instagram, or by liking one of the turkeys on the White House’s Facebook page. The deadline for voting is 5 p.m. PST Tuesday.

And to be clear, you’re not killing one turkey by voting for the other. President Obama will pardon both turkeys on Wednesday, but just one will take the National Thanksgiving Turkey title.

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