Farmer's parody video goes viral: 'What Does the Farmer Say?'

A Kansas farmer has struck pay dirt with his parody video of the infectious mega hit, "What Does the Fox Say?" His version is aptly named "What Does the Farmer Say?"

And the answer is equally obvious: "Work, work, work, work..."

The catchy parody is the creation of farmer Derek Klingenberg of Peabody, Kan., and has racked up more than 2 million hits so far on YouTube as it offers just a glimpse into the grueling, work-never-ends life on an American farm.

By day, Klingenberg is a farmer and has been all of his life, according to the Kansas City Star.

By night?

He enjoys making parody videos of pop culture moments that happen far from the farm, such as "Farm Lines," a take on "Blurred Lines" and "Ranching Awesome," a Macklemore sendup.

His take on Ylvis' hit, "The Fox (What Does the Fox Say)?," is his biggest hit to date (and some might say its success makes a little more sense than that of the original).

Still, Klingenberg told the Hays Daily News: "I'm surprised. I can't believe anyone watches my videos."


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