Elwood, the 'World's Ugliest Dog,' dies

Elwood, who was once crowned the "World's Ugliest Dog," has died at age 8. 

The Chinese Crested and Chihuahua mix from New Jersey was dubbed the "World's Ugliest Dog" after winning a contest held in California in 2007.

But it was a title worn with pride. Elwood became a four-legged symbol of self-acceptance after his owner wrote a children's book entitled "Everyone Loves Elwood."

Elwood had "a magical power to make people smile and laugh," his owner, Karen Quigley, of Sewell, N.J., told Reuters. "He taught children it's OK to be different."

Elwood was dark and hairless save for a mohawk-like puff of white fur on his head. He resembled either Yoda or ET, depending upon your point of view.

Adding to his unique profile: His tongue hung out of the side of his mouth, listlessly, due to missing teeth.

The dog was so homely that he was going to be euthanized when he was just a puppy, Quigley said. But she saw the beauty in the dog who would grow to weigh about five pounds.

She rescued him, and fell in love. 

And before long, the rest of the world fell in love too.

Elwood got plenty of fan mail from around the world, and followers would line up at charity events to have their picture taken with him.

Quigley told CNN that Elwood died unexpectedly on Thanksgiving. "He did not suffer, he was in my arms and with me," she told the news outlet. The cause of death was unknown, but he had been sick.


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