Moms: Can you watch this without tearing up?

Moms: Can you watch this without tearing up?
This video, "You Made Me a Mother," from Boba has tears streaking across the Internet.
"You made me a mommy, baby," I say to my almost-3-year-old son when telling him the story of his life at bedtime. And that is the message encapsulated by a video that's leaving a tear-streaked trail across social media. 

"People are crying," said Bethany O'Donnell, project manager for baby carrier-maker Boba, about the response to its pitch-perfect ode to motherhood that's resonating with moms click by click.


Indeed, people are crying. When I posted the video on my own Facebook page, friends responded with comments such as "Nailed it," "Sitting in the parking lot with tears streaming down my cheeks" and "I think this should come with an NSFW warning."

The small Colorado-based company posted the video early this month but took a little over nine months to deliver it. The stars are real parents from the Denver area who responded to a call Boba put out on its Facebook page. In fact, the opening shot is of a Boba employee and her own little girl. 

Watching the video, you might miss the actual products, which appear in only three quick shots, because the project was about more than merchandising, O'Donnell said. "It really wasn't about selling the product. It was about sharing that sentiment among moms."

Boba was started about six years ago by husband and wife Robert and Elizabeth Antunovic, who created a baby carrier to suit their own needs and began selling them to friends.

The "mom" video, posted on Jan. 7, has been a hit for the company on social media with more than 25,000 views on YouTube, more than 40,000 shares and more than 500,000 views on Facebook, O'Donnell said.

And although motherhood itself needs little translation, the video will be translated into five more languages: Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese and Romanian.

What resonates is the intensely personal and transformative experience of going from what feels like a concept you can hardly wrap your mind around — becoming pregnant — to a real little person you can wrap your arms around — becoming a mother.

As I make my own way through motherhood with a mercurial toddler and an animated infant on each hip but without my mother here anymore, this section of the video especially resonated with me:

And then there are the times I want to give up. You've made me rethink my sanity. You've made me want to fall on my mother's feet and tell her that I get it. But then you smile and you say my name — and you grab my hand with those little fingers. 

I recalled pulling my own son off the ceiling during a Tasmanian devil-inspired tantrum at bedtime only to hear him whimper out a "Mommy, I need you" once it had passed.

He is the one who made me this person I never knew — one who is gentler, sweeter, at times more patient and selfless and who is also more fierce and stalwart than I ever knew was possible.

Yes, as the video says, I (with a bit of help from his dad) made him. But he made me.

I dare you to watch the video without welling up.

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