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Homeland Security to revise airport screening; TSA head reassigned

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson on Monday reassigned the leader of the Transportation Security Administration and directed the agency to revise airport security procedures, retrain officers and retest screening equipment in airports across the country.

The TSA's acting administrator, Melvin Carraway, is being reassigned to a different job in the Department of Homeland Security. Acting Deputy Director Mark Hatfield will lead the agency until a new administrator is appointed.

The directives come after the agency's inspector general briefed Johnson on a report analyzing vulnerabilities in airport security — specifically, the ability to bring prohibited items through TSA checkpoints.

Johnson would not describe the results of the classified report, but said he takes the findings "very seriously."

ABC News first reported Monday that undercover agents were able to smuggle prohibited items, such as mock explosives or weapons, through TSA checkpoints in 67 out of 70 attempts. ABC cited...

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Oklahoma investigates Tulsa Sheriff's Department after killing of unarmed man

Oklahoma's top law enforcement agency is investigating the Tulsa Sheriff's Department, which hired a wealthy reserve deputy who shot and killed an unarmed man this year, officials said Monday.

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation opened its review of the Sheriff's Department following a request from local prosecutors, the agency said in a brief statement. The Sheriff's Department has weathered accusations of cronyism and misconduct within its reserve deputy program since the April 2 killing of Eric Harris.

Harris, 44, the target of an undercover sting, was running from officers when he was shot and killed by Robert Bates, 73, a close friend of Tulsa Sheriff Stanely Glanz. Bates has said he meant to deploy his stun gun but grabbed his firearm by mistake.

An internal Sheriff's Department review ruled that Bates made an excusable error, but prosecutors charged Bates with second-degree manslaughter.

Harris' family has raised questions about Bates' training. Last month, the family's attorney...

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Black drivers in Ferguson far more likely to be stopped than whites, report finds

Black drivers in Ferguson, Mo., the suburb that experienced violent protests after the shooting death of Michael Brown, were four times as likely last year to be stopped by police than white drivers, a state report shows.

Statewide, black drivers were 75% more likely to be subjected to a motor vehicle stop than their white counterparts, and statistics suggest an increasingly disproportionate number of blacks have been stopped in the state since 2000, an annual report released Monday by Atty. Gen. Chris Koster shows.

The annual report was the first to be published after the shooting death of Brown last year touched off serious unrest and gave rise to accusations of institutional racism among police in St. Louis County.

According to the state data, the likelihood of black drivers in Ferguson being pulled over at a far higher rate than white drivers has been the case for at least a decade, according to the data tracked since 2000.

Of those drivers stopped in Ferguson in 2014, 82% were black,...

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NSA shuts down its controversial phone data collection: So now what?

The National Security Agency shut off its massive collection of U.S. telephone records at 11:59 p.m. EDT Sunday, shortly after a rare weekend session in the Senate failed to craft a measure to extend the program. Senators moved forward with a House-passed bill that would reform the NSA's surveillance program. But the new program, if adopted, wouldn't be able to start for several days.

Here's what you need to know:

What’s the NSA doing now?

The NSA can no longer collect and store records from Americans' phone calls. The spy agency has locked down access to the billions of phone records it has archived on government servers. The NSA won't delete the so-called metadata, however, but has installed monitoring software designed to set off alarms if government officials try to access the data. The records include the numbers called from each phone and the length of each call, but not the conversations.

How would the new program work?

If the House bill becomes law, the NSA would be allowed to...

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Houston Astros fans flee Minute Maid Park as rain pours in
In Texas, it soon could be legal to bring a gun to college

Legal gun owners in Texas may soon be able to carry concealed firearms on college campuses now that the Legislature has overwhelmingly passed a gun rights bill. 

The measure sailed through a final vote on Sunday, two days after lawmakers passed a bill allowing Texans to carry firearms openly throughout the state. Republican Gov. Greg Abbott is expected to sign both bills into law in the coming days.

The so-called Campus Carry measure cleared Texas' House of Representatives by a 98-to-47 vote.

"As a student and a veteran, I appreciate the fact that I will be able to defend myself and my fellow students in the unlikely event that there is an active shooter at my university," CJ Grisham, president and founder of a gun rights' group known as Open Carry Texas, said in a statement on the group's Facebook page. "This is common sense legislation that ensure[s] our students and faculties will now be ... safer having abolished a major gun free, victim spree zone."

The bill would allow licensed gun...

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