Incendiary devices found at FedEx site where heavily armed man shot 6

Police found and disabled multiple incendiary devices at a FedEx facility in Georgia where a 19-year-old package handler armed “like Rambo” opened fire with a shotgun Tuesday morning, wounding six people.

The shooter, identified as Geddy L. Kramer, died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, Cobb County police said.


Two of the six victims suffered life-threatening injuries, but only one of them was still in critical condition Tuesday night.

The devices, which police refused to describe, were discovered as authorities swept the warehouse site in Kennesaw, Ga., about 30 miles from Atlanta

Dressed in black and with ammunition draped across his chest, Kramer drove a maroon Honda Civic past a security booth after shooting a guard shortly before 6 a.m. He then entered the warehouse, shooting five others, police said. Kramer killed himself in a trailer at the warehouse.

A 28-year-old man was in critical condition Tuesday night, police said. He had needed a ventilator to breathe earlier in the day, but police were not sure whether he still did after surgery.

A 52-year-old woman who also suffered life-threatening, close-range wounds was in stable condition after surgery. Two men, ages 19 and 22, also were stable. Two of the injured were discharged from the hospital, a 42-year-old woman and a 38-year-old man.

Photos from the scene showed Kramer's car, with a smashed taillight and broken windows, being removed from the facility later in the day. Citing a continuing investigation, police declined to say whether his home had been searched or whether any clues about his motive had been found.

A FedEx worker who said she was about five to seven feet away from the shooter described him as wearing black and camouflage with bullets strapped across his chest, "like Rambo."

"We can't even bring cellphones into the warehouse," Liza Aiken told reporters. "As soon as I saw guns strapped to his chest and everything, I knew something was wrong."

Aiken said she was fixing addresses on packages when she heard a clink. It turned out to be the shooter dropping a large knife.

"I mean he looked like he was heading into war," Aiken said. "As soon as I saw him, I ran the other way."

She also described him as an "immature little boy" because on Thursday he had been annoying her by pointing a bar-code laser scanner at her eyes. Aiken was escorted away from reporters by another FedEx employee before she could finish her story.

David Titus, a FedEx truck driver, said he was just coming to work about 6 a.m. when he saw someone shoot a security guard in the abdomen, the Associated Press reported. He said he heard more gunshots later from inside the building.

"It was chaos," Titus said. "Everyone was running, ducking and hiding, trying to get out of there."

The facility sorts packages and places them onto trucks but is not a major hub. FedEx declined to say how many employees are normally on duty there.

"Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected, and with their families and friends," FedEx spokesman Shea Leordeanu said in a morning statement. "The situation is now stabilized, and we are focused on the needs of our team members and cooperating with the law enforcement investigation of this tragedy."

FedEx workers were turned away when they arrived for work at the facility. Employees who were already there gathered at a nearby skating rink, while those still at home shared their bewilderment on social media.

"My shift was over around 10:30 last night so that means I just missed the shooting by a few hours," package handler Darrell Green wrote on Facebook. "I pray all the other employees are ok especially the ones that's in the hospital."