The first day of spring looks like this

It’s the first day of spring and depending on where you are, it’s either a lovely little moment or not that much different than the dead of winter. From our perch in L.A. we offer the East Coast our sympathies and hope the scene from here does not cause too much bitterness.

It’s 31 degrees in Boston and 35 degrees in New York. In Seattle, it’s a crisp 58 degrees while in Los Angeles it’s a lovely 74. Or as one Twitter user pointed out, it’s Friday.

Snow doesn't know about spring in D.C.


The city got a dusting today and a wintry mix was expected to turn to rain by the end of the first day of spring.

Or in Boston, really

Not a strong first outing for spring in NYC

Not bad, Seattle

The view from Seattle Space Needle today is not too shabby.

And then there's this

MORE ON SPRING'S FIRST DAY:1st day of spring gets cold, hard slap in East; gentle temps in West

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