UConn sorority disciplined for making women 'sizzle like bacon'

Kappa Kappa Gamma has been stripped of its registration and recognition.

A sorority at the University of Connecticut has been disciplined for giving new meaning to the designation Animal House – by requiring women to lay on the floor, make a sizzling sound like bacon and wiggle, school officials said on Thursday.

Kappa Kappa Gamma has been stripped of its registration and recognition at the school, university spokeswoman Stephanie Reitz told the Los Angeles Times. The sorority was notified of the action in a letter dated Wednesday and can appeal the ruling, she said.

The event also included the forced consumption of alcohol and making a group of women act like animals, according to the school.

“Animal House” is the 1978 film about a college fraternity that goes so bad that the consequences are funny. But what is hilarious on the screen is far from a joke in real life, according to the school.

The action against the sorority, which is effectively banned from campus life and must reapply for standing, will bring to at least four the number of Greek letter organizations that have been disciplined at the university. The discipline action drops the current number of fraternities and sororities to 33, with more than 2,300 participants, Reitz said.

“UConn has zero tolerance for hazing and all similarly harmful behaviors, and repeatedly makes those expectations clear to all student leaders in Greek life and other organizations,” she said.

The incident took place during an event in March when the sorority met big brothers from a Greek fraternity, according to the school documents. Sophomore Hillary Holt charged that she and others were degraded at the school's Sigma Alpha Epsilon frat house.

Holt alleged that they were told to “lay on the floor and sizzle like bacon” then jump up and down and grab their ankles while drinking alcohol. Holt told officials that she was forced to play a drinking game and eventually woke up at a hospital.

No criminal charges were filed in the incident which was investigated by law enforcement officials.

The campus chapter of the fraternity is also expected to be disciplined.

Bloomberg News accused the national Sigma Alpha Epsilon of being the nation’s deadliest fraternity because nine young people have died in SAE-related incidents since 2006.

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