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Gloria Allred takes on Donald Trump, demands unaired footage from 'The Apprentice'

 (Ed Hille / TNS)
(Ed Hille / TNS)

Attorney Gloria Allred, who has a history of tangling with politicians, said Tuesday she had been contacted by women who witnessed improper behavior by Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and that she was pressing for the release of unaired footage from “The Apprentice.”

“They allege inappropriate conduct by Mr. Trump,” said Allred, adding that she was contacted before and after the emergence Friday of a recording that showed Trump using vulgar language about women and boasting that he could kiss them and grab them without their consent because of his wealth and celebrity.

Allred declined to say how many women had contacted her to detail their experiences or to explain what they would do next, citing attorney-client privilege. She spoke in an interview after holding a news conference in which she called on "The Apprentice" creator Mark Burnett and MGM to release unaired footage from the show where Trump served as the host, or prove why they are legally prohibited from doing so.

Allred has no obvious legal means of forcing a private business or a citizen to release the footage, but the Los Angeles-based attorney has a history of high-profile roles in prior political controversies.

One of her most memorable cases in California concerned Nikki Diaz, an immigrant living in the country illegally who worked as a housekeeper for 2010 GOP gubernatorial nominee Meg Whitman until she was fired shortly before Whitman launched her political bid. Whitman probably was already headed toward defeat, but the image of the sobbing housekeeper saying Whitman treated her like “garbage” after she cared for her family for years was one more nail in the coffin.

Although Allred is a Democrat and two-time delegate for Hillary Clinton, she has taken on politicians of both parties.

Among the people Allred has represented are a woman who said 2012 GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain sexually harassed her, a porn star who sexted with Anthony Weiner (then a Democratic congressman in New York), and a woman who sued Bob Filner (then the Democratic mayor of San Diego) for sexual harassment.

She has also tangled with Trump before. In 2012, Allred represented a transgender beauty queen who was disqualified from a Miss Universe Canada pageant because she was not a “naturally born” woman. Trump, who owned the pageant, soon eliminated the rule though denied it had anything to do with Allred.

Asked Tuesday what her next move was in the current dispute, Allred said, “We’ll have to wait and see.”

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