Hillary Clinton and her running mate Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine hit the campaign trail in South Florida

  • Kaine and Clinton assail Donald Trump as unfit to lead
  • Florida, the backdrop for the newly minted Democratic ticket, is critical this fall
  • John Kasich continues feud with Trump, suggesting he can't win must-carry state
  • Trump says he doesn't want and wouldn't accept Ted Cruz's endorsement

VP pick Tim Kaine is a rarity: People in both parties say nice things about him

Fellow senators on both sides of the aisle have kind words for Virginia's Tim Kaine.

Not surprisingly, Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada, the Democratic leader, praised Hillary Clinton's vice presidential pick.

"Through hard work and unimpeachable character, Tim Kaine has become a highly respected member of the Senate — among Democrats and Republicans alike," Reid said.

More unexpected was the praise from the other side of the partisan divide, including Sen. Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, who said that “while Hillary Clinton would be a disaster as president, I have high regard and respect for Tim Kaine."

Toomey, just finishing his first term, is in a tough reelection battle in his home state, where Democrats are converging on Philadelphia for their convention. 

Siding with the moderate, likable Kaine might help Toomey broaden his appeal, especially among suburban voters who may have reservations about the GOP nominee, Donald Trump. 

The two have worked together on budget bills and legislation to stem opioid addiction and gun violence.

"He is a good choice for the Democratic ticket," Toomey said. 

Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona, who isn't up for reelection this November, also had nice things to say about Kaine.

"Trying to count the ways I hate @timkaine," Flake wrote on Twitter. "Drawing a blank. Congrats to a good man and a good friend."

Others offered similar personal praise.

"Just FYI: Tim Kaine isn't boring," Sen. Brian Schatz of Hawaii said in a Twitter testimonial, addressing one of the criticisms of Kaine. "Peace Corps guy, impressive spouse, fluent Spanish, plays harmonica, progressive foreign policy.

"Tim Kaine is a man of great character and qualifications, but he ain't boring," Schatz wrote. "He's one of the more interesting people I know."

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