The California Fix

Editor's note: The Scripps Howard Foundation announced March 12 that Times staff writer Robert Greene has won this year's Walker Stone Award, given in recognition of excellence in editorial writing, for "offering solutions to California's insolvency and calling for a state constitutional convention."

A good package deal
March 21 16, 2010
Editorial: Assembly and Senate lawmakers should put the interests of California ahead of their own political ambitions and approve these bipartisan reform bills.
A triple whammy for California voters
February 16, 2010
Editorial: In a short time, a bid for a constitutional convention falters, Assembly Democrats return to partisanship and redistricting comes under attack.
Ballot measures to the rescue
February 9, 2010
Steve Westly and Freed Keely: Two proposed initiatives would go a long way toward restoring the Golden State.
A smart convention plan
January 3, 2010
Editorial: Ballot measures proposed by Repair California to set up a constitutional convention deserve support.
Sticking with convention
October 28, 2009
Editorial: If the prospect of a constitutional convention disappears, so too, will the sense of urgency needed to enact other governmental makeovers.
Amending California's direct democracy
October 19, 2009
Joe Mathews: The state's initiative system is flawed, but that doesn't mean it can't be fixed.
Bicoastal constitutional conundrum
October 13, 2009
Thad Kousser: California has what New York wants; New York tried the constitutional convention some propose for California.
A taxing question
September 22, 2009
Editorial: Would a plan to restructure the tax system shift too much of the burden to the poor and middle class?
Taming the beast
September 20, 2009
Editorial: So many problems, so many competing interests -- only rewriting the Constitution will do.
A convention for all
August 23, 2009
Editorial: The good-government goal should be a state Constitution that works, not a conquest over conservatives.
It takes a community
August 17, 2009
Robert M. Hertzberg and Thomas McKernan: To get out of this mess, governments at the local level must be empowered. Here's how.
Start from scratch
August 16, 2009
Editorial: A constitutional convention is the best opportunity for the state to reclaim its purpose.