Letters: Watching out for Angelenos

Re "DWP chief to quit amid funds furor," Jan. 10

With the resignations last week of Department of Water and Power chief Ron Nichols and Sheriff Lee Baca, I believe the city and county of Los Angeles have stumbled upon their oversight committee: the Los Angeles Times.


I'm a native Angeleno, and I'm happy to say that the fiercely investigative journalism by your reporters into the corruption that has plagued our region is all we can count on to punish the power hungry and the greedy (elected or appointed) and maintain the public trust.

And a huge thank you to the editors at The Times for allowing reporters the freedom to investigate the officials we expect to uphold the health of our cities, our utilities, our law enforcement, our property tax rolls, our financial institutions and even our children in our churches and foster homes throughout Southern California.

Keep up the vigilance. It makes me one very proud citizen to walk out to my driveway seven mornings a week.

Larry Yarchever


Well, the DWP continues its streak of general managers leaving under a cloud of controversy, Nichols being the latest leader to resign.

This comes at the expense of Los Angeles residents whose rates for water and power are steadily increasing but who receive shoddy service. I haven't received a bill in months, and when I call to complain — after being on hold for too long — I'm told a bunch of DWP gibberish, meaning that when I do get a bill, it will take more of my time to fight and get it straightened out.

Maybe the residents of Los Angeles need a ratepayer advocate to represent them. Oh, that's right, we already have one.

Richard Whorton

Studio City

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