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Letters: Too big for Bel-Air

Re "Home's height stretches the limit," March 6

Kudos to The Times for reporting L.A. City Councilman Paul Koretz's work to have the city approve the construction of a massive new mansion in Bel-Air. This area's hillsides are being razed, our streets chewed up, the character of our community whittled away, all with the help of our elected representative.

It's a betrayal of public trust that our city councilman sided with the developer of a 40,000-square foot residence instead of protecting the interests of the majority of his constituents. Lucky we don't have a coal plant nearby, or we might be choking on polluted air.

Without investigative journalists and news organizations willing to expose our politicians' shenanigans, we would have no idea of what's going on. Thanks for keeping us informed.

Paula Rudnick

Los Angeles


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