Letters: Chris Christie cleared? Not so fast.

Re "Citing report, Christie says he'll reform agency," March 29

Let me get this straight: "Reasserting himself publicly," New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie claims he can fully get back to work (read: campaign) because he has been "cleared" by his attorneys of all wrongdoing in the George Washington Bridge scandal.


Silly me, I never knew that attorneys had the power to exonerate anyone such as Christie, who has bought and paid for their services (at taxpayer expense), without fully independent investigations — and, of course, a hearing.

Larry Tamblyn


The article begins by stating that Christie's "handpicked lawyers cleared him of involvement in September's massive George Washington Bridge traffic jam."

Like any good defense lawyers, Christie's "asserted" that their client was innocent. But, in our system of justice, a defense lawyer never has the power unilaterally to clear his or her client of any charges. That is a decision that is ordinarily left to prosecutors and, if they present a sufficient case, to a jury of the governor's peers.

Ernest A. Canning

Thousand Oaks