L.A. Auto Show: 5 cars I'd sell my wife and kids for

For a car lover, an auto show such as Los Angeles’, which opened to the public Nov. 22, is like Christmas and your birthday and your anniversary (if you have that kind of spouse) rolled into one. That’s especially true for those of us in the media, because we’re given access to the cars during special press days. That means we are allowed to get up close and personal with cars that are roped off when the general public is let in. It’s one (or two) glorious days to dream, to imagine what it must be like to be Nicholas Cage or Kobe Bryant or Jay Leno – or the latest Powerball winner.

Short of winning the lottery, though, what’s a poor working stiff to do? Well, I suppose you could get creative. So here are five cars featured at the L.A. Auto Show that, cretin that I am, I’d sell my wife and kids for.

Oh, and never mind about prices; if you have to ask, you certainly can’t afford it. -- Paul Whitefield

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