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It's time to repeal Prop. 13

Re “LAUSD to cut jobs, boost pay,” June 24

To the editor: When I see the joyous faces of the children and read in a separate article that the Music Center in downtown Los Angeles will cut back its wonderful arts education, and when I read in this article that there will be teacher layoffs as well as cuts in library and other staff positions, I can't help but think of Proposition 13, which has taken money from our treasury.

Isn't it time that homes now worth much, much more than they were in 1979 be taxed at their real worth and that those fortunate homeowners begin to pay their fair share toward the city of L.A. and the Los Angeles Unified School District?

As someone who owns a small condominium and now pays $6,000 a year in property tax, I grow more and more disgusted with this inequity. It's time to repeal Proposition 13 and for all of us to finance city services and schools fairly and squarely.

Lynne Shapiro, Marina del Rey

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