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Hey, NFL, why don't you pull L.A.'s other leg?

To the editor: Promises that the proposed NFL stadium in Inglewood will be "state of the art" mean that it will be a great place from which to televise games. TV is where the money is. Game tickets for seats — and not just for the luxury boxes — will cost a lot. ("Inglewood NFL stadium plan is no guarantee Rams will come to L.A.," Jan. 5)

Most people clamoring for a local NFL team will likely never attend a game because of the cost. No matter what the builders say, taxpayers will subsidize the NFL with zoning changes, tax breaks, additional police coverage, time lost because of traffic and more, and we'll still have to watch the games on TV.

Why don't league officials promise to sell some seats for, say, $25 and in pairs? They should also equip the facility to serve as an emergency location in the event of a disaster.

Assuming half the games will be away, what's the plan for the other 40-plus weeks in the year?

Elizabeth Wright, Marina del Rey


To the editor: This must be the 50th time I've read of plans to build an NFL stadium in or around Los Angeles. I'm beginning to suspect there is no plan or demand for an NFL team in L.A.

Jack Buss, Banning


To the editor: Let's see: A pro football team or two is coming to L.A. because some billionaire bought land. A bullet train is being built in Fresno even though there isn't enough money to fund the entire system. Immigrants are clogging up the DMV and receiving discounted insurance rates.

We have 930 new laws that few of us will understand. And we have a fourth-term governor who is slightly younger than much of our water and sewer systems in L.A.

You've got to love California.

Bob Arrañaga, Eagle Rock

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